Current Musings

I recently found myself re-reading and thinking about these two hugely influential essays on social practice in contemporary art by Claire Bishop:

Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics

The Social Turn: Collaboration and Its Discontents


College Art Association Paper

The CAA panel Henry Darger: Intersections with Contemporary Art took place last weekend. It was a two-part panel, with approximately ten papers total. Each presentation represented thoughtful, mature research and writing on Darger, and came at the subject of the session from very dynamic angles. Overall the dialogue those two mornings was a great success; the beginnings of some more in-depth conversations and research, I'm sure.

For those who are interested, here is a link to my paper. 



A Blast From the Past

One of the best and most memorable projects I've worked on was Artificial Afrika, an exhibition co-curated by Vernon Reid and C. Daniel Dawson at Gigantic ArtSpace in New York City.  I worked with them in the capacity of project director.  Getting to collaborate with such an amazing group of brilliant, talented, and super fun people is such a rare treat.  Here's a video segment on the project:


Percent for Art

Yesterday, I spent the day at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs' office as a voting member of a Percent for Art selection panel.  Throughout the course of the day, we reviewed numerous slides to select finalists for four public art projects, which will be installed in New York City public schools: PS 287, PS 290, IS 311, and PS 298, all located in Queens.  The panel was comprised of participants from the Department of Cultural Affairs, the School Construction Authority, the NYC Department of Education, as well as the projects' architects, and a contemporary artist who is currently working on a Percent for Art commission.  The selection process was intense, and the art up for consideration was consistently stellar.  In a few weeks we will reconvene to take on the final round of selections.  

Percent for Art is a local law that was enacted in 1982, requiring that roughly one percent of city-funded building projects be allocated for the commission of a new artwork for the site.  This program ensures that the visual arts remain an integral part of our collective awareness and communal investment.  Not only does it afford artists professional opportunities through financial and logistical support in the realization of a large-scale art work, but it also brings excellent examples of site-specific contemporary art to improbable locations throughout the city, weaving them into the fabric of the public life of many New Yorkers.


College Art Association Conference, 2011

If you plan on attending the College Art Association Conference in New York City this year, consider dropping by the session Henry Darger: Intersections with Contemporary Art. I will be presenting on Part II of this panel, on Saturday February 12th at the American Folk Art Museum. My talk, entitled, On the Element of Repetition Henry Darger's "In The Realms of the Unreal," examines the aspect of repetition, as it relates to Darger's process of tracing and suggests a "photographic" grounding as the framework for his compositions.

Check back after February 12th to check out a PDF file of my talk!


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